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"Yeah!! I am!" Bill said, excitedly. "I heard about you! I heard that you suck! So I wanted to see first hand if you suck or not!" He leaned forward, closer to the other polygonal demon.

"So do you suck?” he asked, genuinely.

This was probably not a polite first greeting. Bill didn’t care.

"W-what?" Star stuttered. "Do we suck?!"

Of course this Bill would be just as infuriating as the other. Why did they consider for even a moment that this one would be any different?

Where in the world did he hear such an awful rumor anyways?

"Not at all", the demon huffed, quickly trying to regain their composure. "If this is your silly idea of a greeting, then it’s not a very good one. Of course….. we shouldn’t have expected anything better from a Bill.”



Bill poked out from the tree, looking at the small star figure.

"Hiya!" he said, tumbling out of the tree. "Hi! Hi! Starry! Star! Star-thing! Hello!" He scrambled up to his feet and popped up.

"I’ve never met you before I think! My alternates met you before, but not me! I’m a Bill! I’m Bill! Nice to meetcha!"

Star couldn’t help but give a small shudder as soon as they heard the oh-so-painfully-familiar voice. But surprise, surprise! A different Bill?

Guess one wasn’t enough.

"Nice to meet you too", they said, slightly amused by this polygon’s clumsiness.

"We must say, that was…. quite an entrance. You must be an alternate Bill if you’re this excited to see us.”

"….. Unless this is some kinda trick."



"SYNTHESIZED MUSIC IS A J͏͢͢O͟KȨ̛ AND AN INSULT TO THE GENRE! I’d rather my bricks fall flat before I—-!"


No, no. They’re just trying to rile Bill up again like they usually do! Don’t fall for it, man. Just keep your cool.

"Ggghhh… Your colors are gaudy and unnecessary and it hurts my eye to even look at ya! Turn ‘em down, desaturate or something, or better yet? Why don’t ya make like a shooting star and explode on atmospheric contact?"

Ah, he’s so cute when he gets mad. Too bad you can’t say the same for his attitude.

"Aw, shucks! Are we really that much of an eye strain? Don’t you know stars are meant to shine?”



Holy heck, do they ever shut up? To think Bill had has as long of a history with this annoying polygon as he does, it makes him wanna gag. If he had a mouth, of course, but thankfully they’re exchanging banter in their perfect polygonal forms.


"Yeah yeah, save it for some poor sap that cares, five-sides. Doesn’t excuse the fact that I’m still better than ya in every other way. Especially in the color department. Ever get tired of walking around looking like a living 80s poster or what?”

Ah, the poor slice of fool’s gold….. He couldn’t understand beauty if it socked him in the eye! (You know. You’ve tried.)

"Oh, Billie. Why settle for just one simple color when you can look as radiant as this? Hm?"


"You seem to believe the 80s were a bad thing! Remember synthesized music? We know you just adored it!”



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